Demolition Derby Rules & Regulations - 2017

Failure to abide by the following rules will result in disqualification
Six (6)  or Four (4) cylinder FRONT WHEEL DRIVE cars, station wagons, or mini vans ONLY
1. All drivers must complete the annual registration agreement in its entirety before unloading their vehicles.
2. All drivers must be 19 years of age.
3. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol on the grounds. Anyone found to be under the influence will be removed and may be turned over    to the local Law Enforcement Officers and suspended from future events.
4.All drivers must wear approved helmet, eye protection, and seatbelt. Safety gloves, neck collar, and knee pads are highly    recommended. No shorts, cut-offs, etc. permitted. Helmet and seat belts must be on and fastened while in the car and on the track.
5. Good sportsmanship and professional behavior is expected of all drivers and crew members.
6. Absolutely no profanity or derogatory comments allowed on cars.  Drivers  will not be allow to compete until it is removed.
7. No pit crew member or spectator is allowed on the track at anytime.
1. All windshields, headlights, taillights, and all additional glass chrome, anything plastic that can fall off car must be removed   before
      entering the grounds.
2. The driver’s door must be painted white for safety.
3. Hood springs may be removed, but the hood hinges must remain in tact.
4. If the floor is rusted through on drivers side, it may be patched.
5. Cars must have an on/off toggle switch or key switch. No twisting of wires because this is not safe for a quick shut off.
6. Radiator must remain in original position or it may be removed.
7. Tires maybe any size. Wheel weights must be removed. Studded snow tires are not permitted.
8. Gas tank may be removed from original position. A metal boat tank or other suitable metal tank should be securely mounted in the center of floorboard behind the front seat and covered. No more than 5 gallons of gas in the tank.
9. Any size battery. The battery must be securely fastened to the floorboard and covered with a floor mat.
10. Stacks through the hood are permitted, if not used, you must cut two(2) holes in the hood in case of fire.
11. Car numbers must be painted on both sides of car or an 18” x 18”  UPRIGHT ROOF NUMBER.
12. Roof signs are permitted with sponsor names or numbers, no profanity or vulgar statements.
13. Hoods and trunks must be left open until after inspection.
1. Doors may be wired or chained shut. If wired, wire  in at least 6 places. If chained, chain in at least 4 places.
2. You may weld a plate over the door to protect the driver. Plate is to protect driver not reinforce the car. Max overlap is 6 inches.
1. Hoods must be wired in six (6) places, sheet metal to sheet metal or have bolts installed not to exceed 3/8 inch in diameter.
2. Trunk lids may be wired or banded in up to six (6) places. Do not bolt trunk.
3. Safety  bars are strongly recommended in place of the windshield to protect hood from entering the cabin.
 Cars determined to be illegal will be disqualified and entry fees forfeited. All winning cars will be re-inspected prior to pay-off  if      necessary. This means even rolling the car over! Just because it’s not listed doesn’t mean it can be done.
All rules are under discretion of the track with SAFETY FIRST in mind.
1. Drivers must pay attention to the track officials at all times.
2. Drivers must run aggressive while the derby is on. Cars cannot sit idle for an extended period of time, over sixty (60) seconds you              will be disqualified. Drivers must stay in car with seat belts fastened until the demo derby is completed or until derby is over.
3. Drivers must keep their cars inside the marked area of competition. Cars that are out of bounds for an extended period of time will be disqualified.
4. No hitting on driver’s door.
5. When the horn sounds, all action must come to a halt. Any driver not quit hitting in a reasonable period of time will be       disqualified. Drivers who are no longer in competition may exit their  cars at this time.

$1,000 to WIN           $20 Entry Fee.                           All drivers must register by 8:00 p.m.