Compact Car Demo Derby Rules- 2012

Any 4 cyl. or 6 cyl. car or station wagon with maximum 104 inch wheel base is eligible to compete. Nothing over 104 inch wheel base will be allowed!! NO 4 wheel or all wheel drive cars. NO trucks or vans will be permitted! With the exception of the following safety modifications, all cars must remain 100% stock!!!


All glass except windshield must be removed. Windshields may be removed, but must be replaced with wire screen or expanded metal. All broken glass must be out of the car prior to coming to the track. Door panels, headliners, carpet and rear seats, must be removed. A bar of up to 3" dia. placed directly behind drivers seat running from one side to the other is highly recommended. This helps to stop the seat from breaking and prevents the doors from caving in. Working seat belt is MANDATORY! Holes in the firewall must be sealed.


All molding and lights must be removed, fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Bumper ends may be trimmed or bent in. NO TRAILER HITCHES!

HOODS must be chained or bolted sut with no more than 4 chains or 4 bolts. Chains max. 3/8" dia. x 24" long. Bolts max. 1/2" dia. Washers not to exceed 2" dia x 1/4" thick. Hood must have 8" hole cut in center to allow for fire extinguisher access.

DOORS, HATCH or TRUNK LID: Driver door only may be reinforced within reason. Driver door must be painted florescent orange. All other doors including trunk or hatch must be chained, bolted, or welded shut, with welds not to exceed 12" per seam, trunk, or hatch. Chains not to exceed 3" diameter and bolts not to exceed 1/2" diameter. Bumper catch chain is recommended.


Must be 100% completely stock with NO modifications or alterations of any kind.

Rear end or differential cannot be locked or welded.


Must be in stock location, mounts may be reinforced, carburator must have air cleaner. Air induction system is optional.


Must be in stock location, antifreeze must be drained and replaced with clear water ONLY prior to coming to the track. Cooling fan my be removed and/or replaced with an electric fan.


Must be stock 4 ply DOT car tires ONLY. NO solid, liquid filled or doubled tires.

Valve stem protectors are OK. All wheel weights must be removed. Tubes are OK


May be relocated to inside passenger front floorboard ONLY. Battery must be securely mounted and must be completely covered by a battery box or rubber inner tube or like material.


Any car that has a stock fuel tank located in front of the rear axle may leave the tank in the stock location. All others must remove the stock tank and replace it with a boat tank in the rear seat area. Tank must be securely mounted and must have (2) 1" drain holes in floor under tank. NOTE: It is preferred and highly recommended that a 5 gal. steel or plastic boat tank be used in place of stock tank if at all possible. However we realize that for cars using fuel injection this is not possible. A maximum of 4 gallons of fuel will be allowed. Stock tanks must be completely covered by sheet metal or thick rubber type material to help prevent fuel splash. Tanks must be tightly capped and have a vent hose run to the outside of the car. FUEL LINES may not pass through the inside of the car except to tie into the main fuel line on the underside of the car at the closest point possible. KEEP IT SAFE. All cars using electric fuel pumps for fuel injection MUST HAVE A WORKING KILL SWITCH that is easily accessible by safety crew. Switch must be painted orange and have on/off switch clearly marked. If your fuel tank is declared unsafe you will NOT RUN. Approved helmets with shield or googles. Gloves, fire suit and fire extinguishers are MANDATORY.