American made 2 or 4 door sedan or station wagon. V-6 front wheel drive cars or V-6 trucks. American made Ranger, S-10, Explorer, Blazers, Dakotas, Durangos. 4-cyl cars Cavaliers, Alero, Sunfires, Avengers. CARS; Tarus, Impala, Malibus, Regals, Olds Cutlass, Monte Carlo, Grand Prix. NO SPORTS CARS


1. Completely stock, NO altering of any kind

2. Horn must blow

3. Radio must work

4. Gauges must work (Factory ones). Dash must be in car stock

5. May have Quick Release Steering wheel and shaft (goes with car)

6. Racing Seat and Belts (mandatory). Fire Extinguisher also mandatory

7. No hulling of any kind, except driver door for roll cage

8. Must have post and plates if you don’t have roll cage

9. Roll cages recommended

10. Stock wheels and tires for cars, trucks and SUVs. Book size. Must have proof of stock size tires.

11. Must have owners manual in glove box of truck or car. If owners manual not available must have proof of stock size tires in glove box, (i.e printed off internet.)

12. Engine stock for make and model. DO NOT take anything out from under hood.

13. NO headlights or side glass in cars

14. NO adding camber of any kind

15. NO taking anything out from under the hood.


$1,000.00 Claim on car or truck minus safety equipment, seat belts and cages if bolted in. If welded goes with car. The winner is only car on track that can be claimed.

This is a new class. Track has the right to modify rules as needed.

This is going to be a class for fun and entertainment. ANYBODY can run this division and run another division the same night. AGAIN THIS CLASS IS FOR FUN

When enough cars are built we would like to have some 100 lap races. $1000 to win. Track may buy winners car for $1000. Car to be auctioned off.