DRIVERS - Drivers that can run this division will be at track discrection

CARS - American Made only 104” Wheel Base Minimum. No low profile (such as Camaro, Firebird, Mustang). Monte Carlo, Cutlass, Regals can run 305 Chevy engines or what came in car. GM cars with 112” or longer wheelbase may run 350 Chevy engine. Must pull no less than 17 inches of vacuum at 1000 RPM

May run V-6 Front Wheel Drive car with book size tires and rims and may be fuel injected.


Radial Tires Only. 70 Series. NO Recaps. No tires larger than 235-70/15 unless came on car. Same size tires all the way around. May run racing wheels. 3 1/2” offset all the way around. 7” wheels only.


Stock block, crank, rods, heads. No porting or polishing. Engine may be bored. Hydraulic cams only. Cars with Chevy 305 engine must pull 15” of vacuum on gauge. Cars with 350 engines or larger must pull 17” of vacuum on gauge. Exhaust must be run past the driver door post unless you run header up and out the hood only. (NO headers under car) Car must have air cleaner. Cars with 350 Chevy engine must run Carburetor #7448 stock 350. No altering metering blocks. May run stock Rochester 2 barrel. Engines other than 350 small block Chevys can run stock 4 barrel carburetor.


Body stock in every way - 4 door or 2 door. No frames lower than 7” (seven inches). Side glass must be removed. Doors must be welded or strapped shut. Battery may be moved to safe place.


No restrictions will be made on safety. Anything may be added to car to make it safer.

Racing seat belts required.

Full cage or plate and post required.

1/4” plate on drivers door. Must overlap the front fender at least

6” and the rear door or quarter panel at least 6”. Must have (2)

4” post with plates on each end bolted to roof and floor pan behind driver seat.

Fuel cell or 6 (six) gallon gas tank recommended.

Fire extinguisher must be in drivers reach.

Bumpers must be chained with bolts or welded to prevent them from coming off.

NO glass except front windshield


All cars must have neat appearance. Header panels will have to be replaced within 2 weeks. Numbers must be readable to be scored. Non-reflective and contrasting (example light color numbers on dark car, dark numbers on light car). NO THREE DIGIT NUMBERS. NO LETTERS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Anyone caught cheating will be fined $30.00 (1/2 going to tech man).