1. Any stock 4 cylinder sedan, or station wagon from 1984 model up. All cars front wheel drive only.

2. All glass must be removed except windshield and it may be Lexan.

3. Must have racing seat belts

4. All flammable materials must be removed except dash and it needs to be stock.

5. All doors, hood and trunk must be secured during race. (Welded, bolted or chained)

6. All engines must be stock for make and model of vehicle with stock computer. Computer subject to change at Track discretion. Engines must remain completely stock in stock position. Battery may be relocated in safe place. No turbos or super chargers. Recommend safety disconnect on battery cable.

7. No altering of frame or suspension in anyway. May add camber to right front tire. No more than 3 degrees of camber.

1.All 4 wheels must be same size 14” or 15”, 65 series
2. All wheels must be stock except right front may be 7” wide racing
wheel. All other wheels must be no wider than 6”

SOAK RULE No Soaking or altering of tire in any manner allowed. Drivers soaking or altering tires will forfeit all purse and points for event and all points for year. Driver must also pay a $1,000 fine prior to racing again. Any illegal tire (decision by track official) will be confiscated.

9. Vehicles must be painted neatly with contrasting numbers on the doors and on the roof. Numbers must be at least 20” tall and non reflective. NO LETTERS

10. Starting positions will be determined by drawing numbers.

11. Car must have 3/16 steel plate over drivers door and overlap at least 4“ on fender and quarter panel or may have roll cage. May hull driver side door if you have cage.

12. If you do not have a roll cage, you must have 2 posts behind seat with plates on top and bottom bolted to roof and floor pan with a bar between them at least 1-1/2” tubing round or square like an H.

13. May take mufflers off and use straight pipe.

14. Winner starts on the rear of the next race.

15. If you win 2 championships you have to move up a class to Renegade, Street Stock, etc.

16. Weight may be added to make competition fair.

NO Two way radios


Contact Frank Martin for plates, post or roll cages 674-0924/674-0367.